Installing Parallels Tools on Kail:

Now that Parallels have updated their Parallels Desktop 8 for Mac (Build 8.0.18483) software to support the Linux 3.7 Kernel here’s how you can install Parallels Tools on the latest Kali operating system.

  • Power on your Kali VM and login as root
  • Select Virtual Machine > Install Parallels Tools from the Parallels menu bar once logged in


  • Open up a Terminal window in Kali and run the following commands
    • cd /media/cdrom0
    • cp -r install installer/ kmods/ tools/ version /tmp
    • cd /tmp
    • ./install


  • Follow the Parallels Tools installation using the on-screen GUI installer


HTH, enjoy using your Kali VM with Parallels Tools installed.


7 thoughts on “Installing Parallels Tools on Kail:

  1. I ALWAYS have issues installing parallels tools. I have never seen this way before. How did you know how to do this? It seems complicated.

  2. Thanks redrise, it is very helpful.
    I’ve another linux installed on my Parallels but what I can’t understand is why can’t I execute ./install directly in media/cdrom0 ? Is it because of Kali’s security configuration?

  3. i just installed Kali. and it is giving me H311. every time i use the commands that are listed about i get access denied. and i am logged in as root.

  4. For those who use Backtrack 5 R3 32-bit, mount Paralles Tools, browse folder, right click on “install” and choose “run on terminal” and updates or installs tools. Reboot.


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